GranRey Guitars
Achim Kohl
Ringstraße 2
D-56457 Halbs, Germany

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Welcome at GranRey Guitars

Innovative Hand Crafted Guitar Manufacturer in Westerwald.
GranRey Guitars – following their principle policy of successfully combining the traditional with the modern.

The workshop location of the master craftsman Achim Kohl is ideally situated on the boundries of Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and Hesse. Renowned for classical guitars of superb quality Achim Kohl has supplemented his designs with innovative developments worthily carrying the prestige title “Made in Germany”

The choice of hardware , wood type , components and design for all standard GranRey  E - bass, E- guitar and acoustic guitars can be modified to customers own preference.
GranRey custom built guitars –The ultimate customer choice - are products of Achim Kohl's  first class workmanship and customer satisfaction.

The interplay between customer and the individual stages of the guitar in the making is a combined process for the fulfillment of the customer’s requirements.

GranRey invite you to browse their Website and discover the instruments professionally and passionately made by Achim Kohl.
GranRey is at your service, whether you are seeking advice or simply asking questions. We look forward to hearing from you.